Testing laboratory

Due to a continuous development of our company we have decided to separate, in the company’s structure, a testing laboratory for laminar flow cabinets and filters.

The laboratory operates according to the standard ISO/IEC 17025, what allows us to file a motion to the Polish Accreditation Centre for granting an accreditation for carried out researches.

Equipment owned by our company includes among other things:

  • laser particles counters with range from 0.1 um
  • automatic scanner for HEPA and ULPA filters, able to execute scanning of filters with dimensions up to 1830 x 610 mm
  • system for generation of test aerosol
  • system for dilution of nitrogen
  • anemometers with measurement accuracy 0.01 m/s
  • testing bench for HEPA/ULPA filters
Testing laboratory for laminar flow cabinets and filters

Testing laboratory

All measuring instruments are regularly calibrated in accordance with the procedures and requirements of the standard.

We carry out tests of the laminar-flow cabinets and filters for our own purposes and for external customers.