Semi-automatic PA1000

In model PA-1000 mixing require the supervision of a pharmacist.

Semi-automatic mixer is available in Polish, German and English language version.

In model PA-1000 mixing require the supervision of a pharmacist. The pharmacist set the rpm and press “START”, then through the move of the arm up and down holding the container, blends an ointment according his demands.

Selected features of the product:

  • short mixing time due to use of appropriate revolutions and power of the motor;
  • medicine is prepared and mixed in container issued to the patient;
  • preheating option for ingredients before and during mixing.

Product data:

  1. Possibility to set time and speed of revolutions (rpm).
  2. Control in Polish, English or German.
  3. Quality of containers is confirmed by the Medicines Institute by three independent tests: 2564/07, 2565/07, 2566/07.
  4. Movable bottom ensures convenience during dosing and storage.
  5. Full homogeneity and hygienic safety of the medicine prepared in special container.
  6. Possibility to use standard or sterile containers to ensure complete sterility.
  7. Suppository machine function, extending features of the mixer with preparation of suppositories and pessaries.
  8. Ecology: environmental friendly product due to decreased energy consumption by 39%, what ensures savings in energy costs and reduces greenhouse gases.
  9. The product has a CE declaration.
  10. Designed and manufactured in Poland.

Product warranty: 24 months.

The product manufactured in Europe at ALPINA, has a warranty and post-warranty service.