Laminar-flow cabinet H180

The laminar cabinets H-series are designed to sterilize air from dust pollutants. This type is recommended to work with samples free from microbiological threat.

The cabinets of H-series are designed to provide the work environment absolutely free from the particles and bacteria. They create sterile conditions for examined material and they are absolutely recommended work with samples that not posing a microbiological threat.

Intuitive steering system as touchable display is accessible in the following languages: English, German, Spanish, Italian. It is easy and user-friendly due for starting each of particular function without necessity of entering to any sub-menu. Application of the newest ventilators EC type and cost-effective illumination reduced the electrical energy consumption about 68% in comparison to the older models.

The cabinets of H-series are bench-top chambers and do not require of purchasing a designed table base.

  • horizontal airflow with scope from 0,25 to 0,54 m/s.
  • control of airflow’s speed by sensor or voltage system with possibility of the correction.
  • silent-running fans
  • HEPA filter H14 and polyamide pre-filter class EU3(G3) according to norm PN-EN 779
  • automatic filter compensation ensures constant and safe speed of air flow in the cabinet
  • hour timer of the cabinet and UV lamp operation
  • permanently fixed UV lamp in the upper part of the workspace, protected from accidental switching on during operation
  • worktop made of stainless steel
  • sides of the workspace with the windows holes.
  • single elctric socket inside of workspace.
  • lamps illuminate the workspace with the possibility of work in two modes, 800 lux and above 1600 lux.
  • valves to gas, vacuum and air and dedicated table base on the lockable castors as option outfit.

Chamber is produced according to certified ISO 9001 – Management System
Declaration of Conformity CE
Each cabinet is tested in the factories laboratory maintained according to norm PN-EN ISO/IEC 17025:2005.

Transport i packing:
  • Possible shipping to each country, costs of transport calculated individually
  • Cardboard box with polystyrene foam protection
  • Transportation dimensions – 1 EURO size pallet, height 1250 mm