Heating and Drying Oven EG40

The heating oven of Alpina with natural air convection, 33 litre capacity, maximum loading capacity up to 30 kg and range of temperature from +50° Celsius to +250° Celsius

Technical data sheet of the heating and drying oven EG40

  • Capacity: 33 litres
  • Air convection: natural
  • Range of temperature: from 50° Celsius to 250° Celsius
  • Loading capacity: 30 kg
  • Numbers of racks  (standard/maximum): 2/4
  • Heating time to 150° Celsius: 36 minutes
  • Recovery time to 150° Celsius after opening a door by 30 seconds: 11 minutes
  • External dimensions ( width/length/height in mm): 565 x 524 x 594
  • Internal dimensions ( width/length/height in mm): 345 x 319 x 296
  • “Open door” sensor: protect before uncontrolled fluctuation of temperature.

If you are interested in purchasing of heating oven with forced air circulation please check our models branded ET.

Description of the heating and drying oven EG40:

  1. Due to proper thermal insulation the losses of the heat were reduced what gives a real savings in the cost of electricity.
  2. Double security system. The heating ovens are equipped in two separate systems protecting before exceeding maximum temperature: electrical and mechanical under the norm DIN 12880:2007.
  3. Specially designed and made rounded corners provide ease in maintain cleanliness of device.
  4. Separately from sample’s height is possible to adjust height of the oven’s interior.
  5. User friendly control panel with easy access to all functions and settings, one touch- one function.
  6. The measurement’s precision and stability of the temperature provides – PT100 platina sensor.
  7. The door opens maximum at an angle 105° what mark easy and better access to oven’s interior.
  8. Four operating modes:
    • hours : possible setting from 1 minutes to 99 hours and 59 minutes
    • circadian: setting from 1 to 99 days
    • continuous: process of heating is stop by user.
    • function of delayed-start: possible setting of delayed-start even to 99 hours
  9. The interior is made of hygienic stainless steel. It is allowed to use in pharmaceutical, food and similar industry.
  10. External housing is made of powder painted steel.
  11. The warranty is 24 months. A device is designed and made in Poland. We provide full warranty and after-guarantee service.
  12. For more than 11 years we produce the laboratory equipment providing our Clients tried & tested quality and trouble free design.