One of the most untypical project we carried out recently was a laminar flow cabinet dedicated to work with optical wave guide. They require the highest standards during production process.

We had supplied at the beginning of the November 2016 to research institute, that cabinet which was carried out in accordance with Client’s detailed specification.

The Client’s requirements included following instructions:

  • adapting of the dimensions’ workspace
  • assembly of the six stainless steel gas valves including fitting the installation inside the chamber and carrying out terminal in the top of devices.
  • assembly of four sockets inside the chamber placed on both side of the workspace in order to providing easy access to electric energy.
  • carrying out the supplying glass with the lead holes.
  • carrying out of table top with changed holes for providing bigger working space.
  • designing and making table stand which improving work’s ergonomic.

The laminar air flow dedicated cabinet is outfitted in much more friendly and intuitive control panel in few most popular languages.

It was painted on the colour 5012 (by RAL®) in accordance of the guidelines of the purchaser. In order to accommodate abovementioned cabinet to other facilities in the laboratory.

The laminar air flow - photo

The laminar air flow dedicated for work with optical wave guide