Laminar flow cabinet is a device, which allows you to work in sterile conditions and protecting processed material against external pollutants. Usually it is linked with laboratory equipment, but it has also many other practical applications, which you have never dreamt about. See how it works and where it may be used except the laboratories. 

How does the laminar-flow cabinet work?

Layered and non-disturbed flow of sterile air takes place in the laminar-flow cabinet. This air undergoes filtration through the highly efficient filter removing solid particles. Thanks to installed ultraviolet lamp, it is possible to carry out additional sterilization of internal part of the cabinet.

Sterile air forms a barrier obstructing access of bacteria and fungi. The mentioned air gets to the working space in continuous stream. It allows maintaining completely sterile conditions necessary for working with formulations or cell cultures.

Why it is so popular?

Laminar-flow cabinet is linked primarily with the laboratory industry. Sterile air, free form pollutants, allows safe working with medical material.

Laminar flow cabinet Alpina - photo

Laminar flow cabinet Alpina – safety class II

Primary division of the laminar-flow cabinets is based on vertical and horizontal airflow. Then the cabinets with horizontal airflow are divided into I, II and III purity class, with class 100 subgroups, cytologic cabinets and laminar-flow cabinets.

Each of them is useful for works in medicine, virology, haematology, microbiology, plants propagation, genetics and nuclear medicine. It may be surprising that the laminar-flow cabinets may be used for example for servicing of mobile phones.

Laminar-flow cabinet creates conditions for professional repair of the individual parts of the phone equipment – ideally clean air, free from pollutants and dusts allows regeneration of the displays or internal parts of the phone and ensures automatic protection of screen and digitizer against visible dust and “flecks”. Such atypical applications of the laminar flow cabinet  Alpina may be also found in the medicine – in particular, in case of parenteral nutrition.

As we already know, nutrition mixture provided in such way shall be earlier properly prepared – such type of work is facilitated by the laminar-flow cabinet, where the pharmacists prepare, manually or automatically, the ingredients in compliance with the determined parameters.

Who may also use the laminar-flow cabinet?

The specialists recovering the data from computer hard drives, memory cards and data banks use this useful and atypical device. Professional services perform these operations in the laminar-flow cabinet, which creates safe conditions for working on opened components.

Wide choice of types of the laminar-flow cabinets allows adapting them to the individual needs and the requirements. It is necessary to choose proven product with appropriate industry-recognized quality certificates (ISO) and certificates confirming meeting the most stringent standards.  It is sure that if you are part of the medical or service industry or you are dealing with repairs of the electronic equipment the laminar-flow cabinet may considerably improve the quality and efficiency of your services and make your everyday operations significantly easier.