The hole in the front glass and the portable worktop is highly recommended for companies where the work with the microscopes in sterile conditions – the laminar flow cabinets is inevitable.

It allows for set up the binoculars in scope of regulation up and down. The portable worktop made of stainless steel with properly designed rails allows to free movement of microscope fore and back.

Having worked finished and after closing down of the front windows, the portable binocular’s hole is closed as well. That provides and guarantee full sterility of the work space.

Binocular`s hole - photo

Binocular`s hole in the front glass in the Biological Safety Cabinet

According to customer’s order we assembly that hole and binocular’s base in ALPINA cabinets. Nevertheless, there is opportunity to adapt the Biological Safety Cabinet made by another manufacturer dedicated to work with binoculars in sterile conditions.

In the case of interest of our binoculars please contact us in order to arrangement the technical conditions.

Binocular`s hole – see more photos below

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