Design Office

To meet our Clients expectations we carry out a lot of  modifications  in our laminar flow cabinets customizing them to their specific requirements – bespoke cabinets . All changes in dedicated project might concern the functionality and the design as well.

Making a construction documentation of the chamber’s details including drawings such as :

  • visual drawings,
  • perform drawings,
  • assembly drawings.

Preparing production of bespoke laminar flow cabinets: K & BIO series

  • draft of a project for Client,
  • approval of the project by Client or additional  modifications of defined elements,
  • carrying out the production drawings,
  • assembly supervision,
  • current modifications – the construction amendments and modernization of the serial devices,
  • making the documentation of new serial products,
  • visualization for catalogues and offer-rendering.

Bespoke  laminar flow cabinet – binocular`s hole in the front glass

A lot test and examination are made before they will be supplied to Client. Especially:

  • a velocity of the air flow,
  • a tightness and integrity of the filter,
  • a noise level,
  • a electrical safety,
  • a compliance with the projects assumptions and the performing drawings.

Bespoke cabinets – a description of examples modification for laminar boxes K1000 series.

Basic assumptions for developing of modifications :

  • table top with height 800 mm – standard height 500 mm,
  • workspace with depth 600 mm – standard depth 500 mm,
  • standard width -1000 mm, remains without changes.

Upone Client’s request,the sockets have been disposed on the rear wall of the cabinet base in the following quantities: two sockets on the right side and analogously another two on the left side . Basically, this type of the laminar flow cabinet is equipped in the one socket only.

Additionaly, two holes have been made to fit gas and vacuum valves. The novelty is a hole  ø 48 mm made in the table top.

A new modified, protective glass was made for the untypical cabinet. It is composed of three separate parts and each part can be easy open and fold.