Laminar-flow cabinet H150

The laminar cabinets H-series are designed to sterilize air from dust pollutants. This type is recommended to work with samples free from microbiological threat.

Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

Laminar air flow chamber - 100 cm width. The laminar flow cabinets S PCR series provides sterile conditions for the samples and are recommended for work with samples that are not posing a microbiological threat. They are commonly used with DNA examination.

Biological Safety Cabinet class 2 – BIO190 CYTO

Biological Safety Cabinet class II width 1900 mm (BIO190 CYTO - A2) adapted for operation with cytostatics.

Frames for laminar airflow units

Dedicated tables for laminar-flow cabinets for series “K” and “S” ensure comfortable operation as autonomous stand.