Laminar-flow cabinet K 1600

Laminar vertical aiflow unit, width 1600 mm and increased depth of working area.

Now, also with the timer of UV lamp operation

Greater depth (625 mm) as compared to other cabinets series K

Laminar-flow cabinet is designed to clean the air of dust pollution in microbiological, biotechnological, and biochemical testing. The cabinet ensures sterile conditions for the protection of processed material from external impurities.

The latest model of the laminar-flow cabinet K 1600 is a combination of high quality materials, precise workmanship and a reasonable price.

Technical Specifications:

Air flow

  • laminar, vertical


  • Preliminary: polyamide class EU3 (G3), according to PN-EN 779
  • Main: absolute HEPA (EN 1822), filtration efficiency min. 99.995% for MPPS

Microprocessor control:

  • auto mode – automatically performs all activities in order to properly prepare for operation (“blowing through”, setting the flow, switching on the additional lamp)
  • manual mode – the user may at any time freely control the cabinet functions (flow, fluorescent lamp, UV lamp)

The cabinet has a digital hour meter and an internal surveillance system indicating operation errors.

Transport and packing:
  • Possible shipping to each country, costs of transport calculated individually
  • Cardboard box with polystyrene foam protection
  • Transportation dimensions – 1 pallet 1700×800 mm, height 1250 mm


Technical data