It would seem that creating a steering system to the appliances is easy and straight task. But the process is much more complicated than we would assume. Making the new steering system for the heating ovens we had to include many significant aspects inter alia:


- prostota jeden przycisk   jedna funkcja 300x188 - Now EasyTouch is available in the heating ovens


One touch- one function,  this is a rule that we tried and tested in our biosafety cabinets. It is a base of whole idea- the most important functions such as set of temperature, work mode  and time are avaliable on the main control panel in the same time.


Handling of the appliance is simple and comfortable due to using unambiguously marked buttons with invariable functions and by using readable pictograms.


All crucial parameters  for process  are displayed in the real time in three separated screens. Full control of process is provided by constant monitoring of set temperature, current temperature and remaining time of heating.


- mozliwosc stalego monitoringu 300x144 - Now EasyTouch is available in the heating ovens


The appliance may be programmed  in 3 easy steps and do not take more than 10 seconds. In comparison  with other ovens easy steering system allow to save time of users.


In order to make handling easy we applied two levels of switch On/Off the sounds. For comfortable work we can On/Off sounds of the buttons and warning signals separately but with saving all safety requirements.


Direct access and readable mark of the work mode allow to easy settings of the heating ovens.

4 operating modes available:

  • hour – operating mode set in hours or minutes
  • circadian – operating modes set in days (1 day – 24 hours)
  • constant – constant operating mode
  • delay start – the appliance may be set for delay start.
- suszarka laboratoryjna sterowanie czasem easytouch - Now EasyTouch is available in the heating ovens


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