09May 2017
Image Laboratory modern and atoxic disinfection of devices and rooms

The most important advantage of disinfectant is that it does not contain in its chemical composition following substances like formaldehyde, ammoniac and chlorine.  So by that, makes it atoxic disinfection and  safe for the user. Decontamination is pretty fast and does not require separation of the room from the rest of the building. Continue reading

19Sep 2016

Laminar flow cabinet is a device, which allows you to work in sterile conditions and protecting processed material against external pollutants. Usually it is linked with laboratory equipment, but it has also many other practical applications, which you have never dreamt about. See how it works and where it may be used except the laboratories.  Continue reading

02Dec 2014

ISO9001 certificate

We are pleased to inform that certification of the introduced quality management system in accordance with the ISO 9001:2008 has completed by our company with positive results. Continue reading

02Dec 2014

New website

December 2, 2014 News

Our new website includes not only completely changed layout, but especially improved structure ensuring quicker and better access to the information concerning our products. Continue reading