Laminar vertical airflow cabinet

1. LOW NOISE123 imaagaaa laminar airflow unit s100 (pcr) - low noise from 49 to 55 - Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

Comfortable work is ensured by the silent-running, electronically controlled fans type EC. Moreover, specially designed distribution system of air inside the cabinet provide parallel air flow.

2. EASYTOUCH – TOUCHABLE STEERING PANEL laminar airflow unit s100 (pcr) - touchable control panel easytouch - Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

For increase the comfort of work each of the function is actuated by dedicated buton. Whereas, intuitive menu is available in many languages. Thanks to intuitive pictograms and clear hints the cabinet is easy to maintain even in gloves.

3. LOW POWER CONSUMPTION laminar airflow unit s100 (pcr) - low power consumption - Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

Application of the newest ventilators EC type and cost-effective illumination reduced the electrical energy consumption about 76% in the work mode. Power consumption in the laminar flow cabinet K-700 during work without illumination is 19 Watt. Whereas, in the model K-1000 power consumption is 28 Watt , which is one of the best result in the sector.

4. UV-LAMP 15 WATT laminar airflow unit s100 (pcr) - uv lamp 15w - Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

Pernamently fitted UV-lamp guarantee disinfection of cabinet’s interior providing sterile conditions of work. There is a possibility to programming time of work UV-lamp up to 9 hours and 50 minutes. After finishing, lamp is switch off automatically. The laminar cabinets are outfitted in the time counter of UV-lamp as standard.

5. CABINETS` WIDTH laminar airflow unit s100 (pcr) - dimensions from 50 to 1600 - Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

K-series cabinets are produced in size from 50 cm ( model K-500) up to 160 cm (model K-1600). According to customer’s request our design office is able to carry out any modification not only of dimensions but concerning functionality with accordance to presented indicators.

6. HEPA FILTER 99,995 % FOR MPPS laminar airflow unit s100 (pcr) - filter hepa mpps - Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

The highest quality filters assembled in the cabinets are fully controlled and checked in own research lab and give a guarantee of proper air purity and work environment. The chamber is equipped in HEPA filter monitoring system to control its effectiveness.

Laminar airflow unit S100 (PCR)

Laminar air flow chamber - 100 cm width. The laminar flow cabinets S PCR series provides sterile conditions for the samples and are recommended for work with samples that are not posing a microbiological threat. They are commonly used with DNA examination.

Laminar-flow cabinet K 1300

Laminar vertical airflow unit, width 1300 mm

Laminar-flow cabinet K 1600

Laminar vertical aiflow unit, width 1600 mm and increased depth of working area.

Frames for laminar airflow units

Dedicated tables for laminar-flow cabinets for series “K” and “S” ensure comfortable operation as autonomous stand.