Laminar horizontal airflow cabinet

1. LOW NOISE laminar-flow cabinet h120 - en low noise - Laminar-flow cabinet H120

Comfortable work is ensured by the silent-running, electronically controlled fans type EC. Moreover, specially designed system distribution of air inside the cabinet provide parallel air flow.

2. LAMINAR MESH laminar-flow cabinet h120 - en laminaryzator - Laminar-flow cabinet H120

Specially designed mesh with proper decomposition of inlet holes organizes air flow and guarantee consistent air flow. The laminar mesh is a wonderful protection for HEPA filter guards it against accidental damages during the work.

3. LOW POWER CONSUMPTION laminar-flow cabinet h120 - en low noise - Laminar-flow cabinet H120

Application of the newest ventilators EC type and cost-effective illumination reduced the electrical energy consumption about 76% in the work mode. Power consumption in the laminar flow cabinet H-120 is 49 Watt, whereas, in the model H-180 -64 Watt which is one of the best result in the sector.

4. EASYTOUCH – A TOUCHABLE CONTROL PANEL laminar-flow cabinet h120 - en easytouch - Laminar-flow cabinet H120

For increase the comfort of work each of the function is actuated by dedicated button whereas menu is available in many languages including English, German, Spanish, Arabic. Thanks to intuitive pictograms and clear remarks the cabinet is easy to maintain even in gloves and is the basis of system “Easytouch”.

5. CABINETS` WIDTH laminar-flow cabinet h120 - en trzy rozmiary - Laminar-flow cabinet H120

Laminar flow cabinet H-series are produced in following widths : 120 cm –( for model H-120), 150 cm (for model H-150 cm ) and 180 cm –( for model H180). According to customer’s request our design office is able to carry out any modification not only of dimensions but concerning functionality with accordance to presented indicators.

6. UV-LAMP 30 WATT laminar-flow cabinet h120 - en lampa uv - Laminar-flow cabinet H120

Permanently fitted UV-lamp with effective power 30 Watt guarantee disinfection of the chamber providing sterile conditions of work.

Laminar-flow cabinet H120

The laminar cabinets H-series are designed to sterilize air from dust pollutants. This type is recommended to work with samples free from microbiological threat.